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General Program Information


The Central Mass Minutemen Baseball Club was founded in 2023 by owner Cameron Plank to provide a place for amateur baseball players to develop on & off the field.  While we take pride in being an extremely competitive on-field program, the Central Mass Minutemen program’s primary focus remains to be the most developmental based program in New England.  The Minutemen take pride in developing their players over the years to become a successful high school athlete, collegiate athlete, or professional athlete.

The Central Mass Minutemen are members of the New England Amateur Athletic Union (NEAAU) which provides a highly competitive & organized league for our 10U-14U teams. Our 15U-18U teams will compete against regional and national competition in tournaments throughout the summer.


Our everyday mission is to provide an organized, structured, and competitive baseball development program for the best players in New England.  We accomplish this by: 

  • Recruiting and rostering high-quality, high-character athletes and their families.

  • Creating a knowledgeable coaching staff to help develop players of all ages & skill levels.

  • Developing each player through a structured training curriculum between off-season workouts, in-season games & practices.

  • Challenging each team with a rigorous schedule featuring league play in the New England Amateur Athletic Union, as well as local, regional, and national tournaments.

  • Constant communication with all players, parents, and coaches to achieve the program’s goals and objectives. 

While winning baseball games is important, our main goal is development on & off the field.  We will attempt to win every game we play, but we also value developing everyone on the team through teamwork, sportsmanship & community impact.  The lessons taught during an athlete’s time with the Central Mass Minutemen will have direct correlation to the real world and their life after athletics. 


As a program the Central Mass Minutemen will field teams ranging from 9U-18U.  With each age group there will be an emphasis on different focal points throughout the year.


The 9U Player Development Program acclimate players into the travel baseball routine. Their off-season training will emulate the older teams, but the focus will be on-field development. This will be accomplished through controlled game situations, live game competition and league play in NEAAU.  This tram will be an introduction for our youngest Minutemen players to set them up for current and future success.



The 10U age division will focus on getting players acclimated to a competitive spring schedule and rigorous development program.  Throughout the year we are looking for our players to develop basic knowledge of the game, enhance their skills and enhance their passion for the game.

11U & 12U:

The 11U/12U age divisions are viewed as the "transition" or "intermediate" sized 50' mound x 70' base paths field.  This brand of baseball introduces many of the real rules of baseball such as leading, stealing, pitching from the stretch, balks & more.  The coaching staff will continue the development of each player's fundamentals with a focus on translatable skills to the next level. Our 11U/12U teams will play a combination of league games, local and regional tournaments.  This is the 12U teams’ final season before they move on to the full-size baseball diamond, and as a program will make sure every player is well prepared for that transition.

Each year we will be sending our 12U team to Cooperstown, New York to play at Cooperstown Dreams Park, an illustrious tournament that hosts teams from all around the United States and Canada. Dreams Park has hosted Major League All-Stars such as David Price and Bryce Harper when they were younger. This tournament is a week-long trip and is a separate cost to the team that will be explained in detail to the 12U families. Numerous fundraising activities will commence to lower the out-of-pocket cost for each team member.

13U & 14U: High School Prep

13U & 14U is when our players will start to play “real baseball.”  Although very early in their baseball journey, this is when players start to prepare to make their respective Middle School & High School programs.  These teams will continue to maximize development with an intensive off-season training program as well as a full 40-50 game schedule from March-July including weekly in-season practices.  Players are still encouraged to play multiple positions at these levels, many players will now begin to zone in on the position(s) they are projected to play at the high school level. The 14U teams will be introduced to complex situations and to best prepare them for the transition to high school baseball. 

15U, 16U, 17U: Showcase Baseball

15U will be the first season in the program that has a summer-only game schedule.  Teams will continue to follow the off-season workouts in preparation for their spring high school seasons. After their respective high school seasons, the schedule will be tournament based from June to August.  The main focus of the 15U season is to begin preparing the players for College Baseball.  This is accomplished through a full summer of local, regional, and national tournament play.  We will also introduce the players to their first taste of the college recruiting process including recruiting seminars, showcase-style workouts, showcase tournaments and more. 

At the 16U level, players are coming off their high school seasons looking to gain traction from college coaches.  The 16U will follow the same type of tournament schedule as the 15U from June to August but with a focus on enrolling in top tournaments both on the local level & national level.  This will allow for our players to excel in front of both college coaches & professional scouts. College exposure is a big part of the picture, we will continue to prioritize player development and playing as a team. 

Our 17U age division will consist of players who have just completed a successful varsity baseball season as juniors in high school.  Similar to the 16U schedule, it will be a tournament-based schedule from early June to early August combining weekly practices, weekend tournaments as well as a full slate of local, regional, and multiple national tournaments.  College exposure and recruiting is a focal point at this age as we look to put our players into the best possible situations to be evaluated by college coaches while never losing sight of player development.      

18U:  College Commit Team

The 18U College Commit team features players who are on their way to the next level to play collegiate baseball in the fall.  Their off-season training will focus on preparation for their final high school seasons as well as preparing them for what is expected at the next level.  The summer schedule will include playing in local and regional 18U tournaments to help prepare for collegiate fall ball.



  • March-June

  • Roster Size: 12-13

  • Spring Season: 20-25 games, 1 tournament


  • March-June

  • Roster Size: 12-13

  • Season: 20-25 games, 1 tournament


  • March-June

  • Roster Size: 13

  • Season: 30-35 games, 2 tournaments


  • March-June

  • Roster Size: 13

  • Season: 35-40 games, 2 tournaments

  • Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament (6+ games)


  • March-July

  • Roster Size: 13

  • Season: 40 Games, 3 tournaments


  • March-July

  • Roster Size: 13

  • Season: 40 Games, 3 tournaments


  • June-August

  • Roster Size: 14-16

  • Season: 6-8 tournaments (35-40 games)


  • June-August

  • Roster Size: 14-16

  • Season: 6-8 tournaments (35-40 games)


  • June-August

  • Roster Size: 14-16

  • Season: 6-8 tournaments (35-40 games)


  • June-August

  • Roster Size: 14-16

  • Season: 6-8 tournaments (35-40 games)


The Central Mass Minutemen program prides itself on its quality of coaching staff.  Each team is staffed with 2+ coaches depending on age and intensity of schedule.  Our staff consists of former professional and collegiate players, current and former collegiate and high school baseball coaches.


Every July & August, the Central Mass Minutemen will hold tryouts for each individual age group from 9U-18U.  These evaluations will consist of a pro-style workout as well as situational play & live scrimmages.  Players are evaluated with specific tools in mind based on the particular age group. Our goal is to select quality, high-character players that display a love for the game, a willingness to learn & potential on the field.  Each team is constructed with a long-term vision based on player's overall makeup and projectability. If there are multiple teams within the same age group, there will not be an “A” team or a “B” team but rather two equal teams that allow for growth & competitive baseball for every athlete.  


Every player program wide will participate in our 4-month off-season training program.  This program features a group practice each week that is held on weekends December-March at the Millworks in Westford, MA. 

Group Practices:  Each age group (9U-12U) & (13U-18U) has one weekly team practice at the Millworks in Westford, MA.  Groups will make use of the batting cages and multi-purpose turf area with the ability to simulate game situations indoors all winter long.  Group practices will cover various team-based activities including team defense, situational hitting, bunt coverages, 1st & 3rd plays, pick-off plays, baserunning and other situations.  Group practices are done specifically with multiple teams & multiple coaches to create an environment where players can develop with multiple coaches in attendance to assist. This also feeds the family like culture where multiple teams can work and bond together.

Private Instruction:  While it is not included in the Minutemen tuition, many players will supplement their small group and team training with individual instruction in hitting, defense, catching, and/or pitching with a member of our coaching staff. 


9U & 10U Teams will practice together once a week throughout the season to go over different topics that may have happened in games. Many times, these practices will be a controlled game scenario where players are able to learn in real time through situational play.

11U & 12U Teams will practice jointly once a week from April to June. These practice time slots will be used to go over various game like scenarios & Intersquad scrimmages.

13U & 14U Teams will have a joint practice once a week from April-July.  Depending on the game/tournament schedule these practices could involve fundamental work or could involve scrimmage work.

15U-18U Teams vary greatly by team and by each team's particular schedule that week.  Our showcase teams will practice once a week throughout the summer.  Many of our teams at this age group play weeknight games and have tournaments that start before the weekend or last until after the weekend especially the regional and national tournaments. 


Upon accepting a player's roster spot, the player’s family is responsible for officially registering the player with a payment option.  There is an option to pay the tuition in full or families can activate a monthly payment plan that spreads out the cost of the rest of the tuition in seven (7) monthly installments.   Families can pay off the balance at any time throughout the payment plan.

The Uniform & Equipment Package will be INCLUDED in the tuition which includes:

  • 2 Game Hats

  • 3 Game Jerseys 

  • 2 Practice Jerseys

  • 2 Pairs of Game Pants

  • Practice Gear

  • On Field Warm Gear

  • 2 Pairs of Socks

  • Belt

  • Batting Helmet

  • Bat Bag

Other/additional costs can include:

- Travel Tournament Fees:  For teams traveling regionally and/or nationally, families are responsible for a one-time fee that covers the expenses of our coaching staff to travel/lodge/etc. to that tournament.  Costs for this vary greatly depending on the location of the tournament, whether flights are involved or not, and more.

Payment Plan Calendar:

August:  Player accepts roster spot, registers and enrolls in payment plan.

September 1st:  First monthly draft date for payment plan.  All other monthly drafts will occur on the 1st of the month concluding in April. Due to the holiday season there will not be a December monthly payment. 

Tuition Discounts:

(Not able to be combined)

- Multi-player discount: For families who have multiple athletes participating in the program, we have implemented a 10% discount for each player.

- Paid in full: For players who pay their tuition in full at the time of acceptance, there will be a 10% discount to the tuition. 


- September-November: Fall Practice.    Fall Program includes weekend practice/skill sessions/Intersquad scrimmages

- December-March: Winter Group Practices.  CMass Minutemen age groups practice each weekend from Dec-Mar @ Millworks in Westford. Practices run 2.5-3 Hours.

- March-July: In-Season Game/Tournament Schedule. Supplemented with weekly practices both outdoors and indoors throughout the course of the season. 

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